Springtime Green & White Seashell Wreath

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Beach Decor Seashell Driftwood Wreath. Created with the ocean’s beauty in mind, I used all kinds of beautiful sea treasures to create my Seashell Driftwood Wreath! A stunning display of beachy paradise, the wreath itself is gorgeous – it is made with genuine pieces of driftwood that are bleached white. I used a large white starfish as the focal point, some white Irish Baking Shells, creamy pearlized turbos and Delphinulas, then added some soft green and seafoam accents: pale green dyed clams, green sea urchins, green/brown turbo shells, small mussels, green sea glass and soft blue/green limpets. What makes this wreath so special is the amazing natural beauty of the shells against the driftwood. The diameter of the wreath is 15 inches (including the shells) with an inside diameter of 6.5 inches. It comes with a jute loop tied for easy hanging. This wreath has a wonderful, natural feel that allows it to be hung in any room, all year round! It’s also a beautiful coastal Christmas wreath and looks great as a centerpiece with a tall candle in the middle.

wreath_6_350 wreath_7_350

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