Hello from The Sunny West Coast!!!!

Posted on: December 19th, 2015 2 Comments

Here we are in sunny Southern California! In between unpacking, we have been sightseeing the coastal towns and enjoying the mild winter weather, of course. Wow! What a place to get nature’s inspiration all year round! And happily, we will be having a sunny and warm Christmas!

The coast-to-coast move was daunting and hectic, but it was great having a built-in support group called Family! It took a few months to wade through the myriad of boxes and bins and in fact, the garage is still full! It seems that moving the New Jersey store to Southern California is a gargantuan proposition! But in the coming months I’ll be looking for a storefront, a “brick and mortar” base of business, so I can meet many of our customers in person. That will be fantastic!

As always, our busy online shop is still full of your favorite selections, like made-to-order shell creations, jewelry, accessories, barware, signs, even custom home décor. Right now we have lots of hand-made shell and natural Christmas decorations. In fact, check out our Etsy shop at www.livecoastal.etsy.com offering our hand-made items. You can also find Candy’s Cottage on Instagram and be sure to Like us on Facebook!

Wishing all of our loyal customers and fans a wonderful Holiday season and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year ahead!

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  1. Claire Howard says:

    Welcome to So Cal. I found you online when looking for shell decor materials and took notice when I saw that you were in Oceanside, near to where I live in Carlsbad. Upon further reading, I realized you are in transition, and not physically present in a storefront yet. I have two resale booths in Carlsbad and use beach oriented materials to prepare items for sale. So, I will be interested to see where you open up your location. Meanwhile, if you need any insights to the area, feel free to ask. I have lived in So Cal all of my life. Good luck!

    • Candy says:

      Hi Claire!

      Thanks so much for writing me! I am loving living in So Cal! As of now, I am still searching out a storefront but I am continuing to sell online. In addition to my website, I sell on Etsy and have extensive shells, etc listed. Here is the address: livecoastal.etsy.com. Which stores are you at in Carlsbad? My sister owns the store Olde Ivy Antiques on State Street and I currently have some items in her store. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific – I probably have it (my garage is loaded lol!) Thanks so much for your good wishes! Candy

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