Wedding Favor Starfish

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Looking for a unique, handmade item for a wedding favor or gift for the bridal party? My original Candy’s Cottage designs can fit the bill! Using vintage, genuine Swarovski crystals, I embellished these beautiful natural white starfish. In addition, I added some stunning turquoise green colored limpets, pearlized turbo seashells, abalones and umboniums. Stunning and unique, these starfish are a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding reception (stick them in a sand tray and add a ribbon to use as table numbers at the reception!) The starfish measures approximately 5 inches in length and width, (I can customize other sizes if you wish) so it is a good size. You can place in on a window sill, lay it on your coffee table, or you can even tie a string to it so you can hang it. I’d love to do a custom order for you using my Swarovski crystals, shells or even some vintage jewelry. Please contact me with your ideas!

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